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New GED English Course!

We are happy to share the first pictures from our new GED Language & Reasoning Through Arts course!

One of the main difficulties asylum seekers face when they want to learn and develop is the absence of certification documents. It is almost impossible to get high school or university documents from Eritrea - the regime keeps them out of reach in order to prevent people from escaping. Others are unable to provide a certificate and proof of their education because they were forced to flee their country or lost their documents during their difficult and long journey. There are many students who completed a Bachelors or Masters degree in Africa but are unable to prove that they completed High School. We help to advocate on behalf of each person to access opportunities.

We witness a challenging situation in which brilliant and wise people who wish to continue their studies are unable prove their level of education to academic institutions.

One of the ways we tackle this challenge is through providing courses that assist students to prepare for the GED exam. To obtain the GED, students must pass standardized exams which are widely accepted, including in Israel. For many, the GED is a ticket to higher education and to achieving their goals. Our GED courses are uniquely designed to meet the needs of our students and engage their interest.

We are inspired by each our students of the GED Language & Reasoning Through Arts course and wish each student, together with our amazing teacher Allison Sheehan Cohen, the best of luck!

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