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The First Asylum Seeker to Obtain GED!

Congratulations to our beloved friend Daniel Mulue, graduate of the ARDC GED Courses, and the first asylum seeker in Israel to receive a GED diploma! Daniel has succeeded in doing well in all 4 exams, which is equivalent to a full high school diploma and opens the door to many academic opportunities. For Daniel, along with many others, completing the GED is a necessary step in personal, educational and professional development. After attending ARDC GED Courses, and studying hard, Daniel prepared for each GED Exam. With persistence and diligence, he managed to not only pass, but exceed in, one exam after another. This week, we escorted Daniel to his last test. Unsurprisingly, he passed it too :) Daniel is now officially the first asylum seeker in Israel to obtain his GED diploma, but we are 100% sure he won't be the last. One of the oppressive methods the Eritrean dictatorship uses to dis-encourage people from escaping the country is by systematically keeping high school and university documents away from the graduates. This way, Eritrean refugees in exile cannot prove their educational level. Asylum seekers from other countries have lost their certificates during their tormenting journey to a safe ground, or cannot send their documents from their homelands to Israel. This situation makes the absence of documents one of the main problems asylum seekers in general and Eritreans in particular encounter as they want to develop and personally and educationally in Israel. Daniel, we are so proud of you! Through your inspirational effort and great achievement, you pave the way and are a role model for any person who sets their mind and works hard to achieve their goal, irrespective of their educational background. We wish ourselves some of your endless motivation and charming attitude, and we know this is only the beginning of your studies. We will continue walking with you in every path you will chose, and know that your endless motivation and positive attitude will continue to inspire all those who meet you.

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