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Second Hebrew for Women Course :)

Congratulations to the graduates of our second Hebrew for women course :)

Acquiring language skills is necessary for all who wish to improve their access to opportunities, abilities and understanding. Yet we saw that women asylum seekers, a small and vulnerable group inside the marginalized community of asylum seekers, don't go to the existing Hebrew courses as much as we wished.

When we tried to understand what prevents women from going to other Hebrew courses, one problem kept rising: mothers can't dedicate time for studying in the evenings because they have to watch their little children. We solved this problem through a babysitting service that we operated - during each lesson, volunteers and staff members of the center guarded the children of our students, and together they played and painted.

We were thrilled to see the motivation of all the students in this important and wonderful course, where each class was attended by at least 20 women. Each class began with movement and laughter, bringing the group together after their long days and into the mindset of learning. The course was attended by women from various backgrounds, including Sudanese, Eritreans, Congolese and Nigerian. Together they learnt to read and write, and in doing so, learnt a lot of practical skills needed to live a better life in Israel.

A big thank you to all the volunteers, babysitters and teaching assistants that made the course possible. A huge thank you to Maayan Alon מעין אלון - מודעות בתנועה, our wonderful teacher, who brings such a unique and impactful teaching style to the classroom, that enables each and every student (no matter their level) learn, enjoy and feel engaged.

See you all next Wednesday night 29 May 2019, for our new Hebrew course for women! The beginners class will be 6 - 7:30 and Advanced class (with graduates from this course) from 7:30 - 9 pm. We are very fortunate to have Maayan continue to lead the class, and we are still open for registration :)

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