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Community Resources

On this page, we've collected various videos and posters designated to assist asylum seekers in Israel during this difficult and challenging time of coronavirus.


The resources, about electricity bills, tenancy rights, working rights, studying opportunities and zoom software, were prepared by our partner organisations and us.

If you feel another topic should be covered here, or if you have any question, don't hesitate to reach out to us: 054-9298892 or

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Englishand Tigrinya,

Online Studies

We've created a guide full of free online opportunities that will help you to transform this difficult time into a time of personal development -

You can find the Hebrew version of the learning guide here.



Tigrinya video with detailed and important explanation about how to ensure you are not disconnected from electricity when the top-up counter (Mone) runs out.

Written instructions can be found here:

Health Insurance

If you were recently fired or had to quit your job – your medical insurance will most probably be ending soon, and you will not be able to go to see your doctor at Kupat Holim. Here are Physicians for Human Rights Israel's instructions on how to renew the insurance independently, so you could receive medical treatment regularly:

The document has five different languages: English, Tigrinya, Hebrew, Arabic and Amharic

Information about Corona (Tigrinya)

A video by NALA, an Ethiopian NGO


Information about rent, tenancy and landlords, prepared by JACC - Jerusalem African Community Center, can be found here:

English, Arabic, Hebrew, Tigrinya


ASSAF also prepared videos with tips and explanations regarding the rent, in Tigrinya and in Arabic:

Deposit Funds (Pikadon)

Here you can find information about the release of deposit (20%) in English, Tigrinya, Arabic and Amharic - click on the arrows to choose your language.

The videos were prepared by Kav La'Oved, and the Arabic version was translated by the African Students Organisation.

This is the link to the deposit release form - to release the money, you need to prepare a photo of your visa and a bank account management confirmation


Visa Renewal

During the coronavirus period, 2a5 visas are renewed online.


Here you can find information about the process in Tigrinya, Hebrew and Arabic - click on the arrows to choose your language. The videos were prepared by The Hotline for Refugees and Migrants.


This is the link to the visa renewal form:


Unpaid Leave

Document by Kav La'Oved about Working Rights of asylum seekers during corona time.

Click on the different photos to see the page in English, Arabic, Tigrinya and Hebrew.

Zoom Tutorial



ZOOM is the tool used by many to study online and conduct online meetings.

Here you can find Tigrinya explanations on how to use zoom on your computer and on your platform.



Written English instructions about zoom can be found as an appendix on our online learning guide - in the Online Studies section, and here:

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