Contact us:

Tel. (+972)  ​77-4909-800

Whatsapp. (+972) 54-929-8892 

Fax. (+972) ​77-4909-500

Phone Contact Hours:

Sun-Wed 11:00 - 16:00

Reception: Hasharon 4, Tel Aviv. Sundays: 09:00-16:00

Wednesdays: 11:00-18:00

P.O. Box 59034

Carlebach 25, Tel Aviv, Israel


Facebook: ARDC Israel

:צרו קשר

טלפון: 077-4909-800

וואטסאפ: 0​54-929-8892

0פקס: ​77-4909-500

:שעות מענה טלפוניות

ראשון-רביעי 11:00-16:00

קבלת קהל: השרון 4, תל אביב

יום ראשון 09:00-16:00

יום רביעי 11:00-18:00


ת.ד: 59034

קרליבך 25, תל-אביב


פייסבוק: המרכז לקידום פליטים אפריקאים

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Volunteer​ with Us

Volunteers are the heart of our organization. All of ARDC’s projects are supported by dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers―helping transform our vision for the refugee and asylum seeker community in Israel into a reality.

There are countless volunteering opportunities, as described below, depending upon the number of hours per week. In general, we request a 10-week commitment for volunteers, though arrangements can be made for special projects. If there is a particular position you are interested in, please complete the volunteer form, including your CV.


Link here: Volunteer form

If you have additional questions, please email

Please note that all volunteer positions are unpaid and we do not provide accommodation. 

Case workers

Tutoring Coordinator

10 hours a week. Minimum time commitment: 6 months

  • Oversee tutoring database and coordinate between all students and tutors

  • Advertise and recruit new tutors

  • Complete monthly data reporting

  • Follow-up with all student-tutor matches

  • Help develop resources for students and supervise tutoring groups

Higher Education Caseworker

10+ hours a week

Higher Education Caseworkers work one-on-one with asylum seekers interested in pursuing university degrees, vocational and/or technical training, and scholarships. 


2 hours a week

Assist adults interested in continuing their education by tutoring them in a variety of subjects. In the past, students have studied subjects such as Macroeconomics, English, Developmental Algebra and GED prep with our tutors.

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