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Eritrean Asylum Seeker Requests

The time has come to determine the asylum requests of Eritrean citizens! Kate Gilmore, United Nations Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, stated in the UN Human Rights Committee that despite the signing of a peace treaty with Ethiopia, the human rights situation in Eritrea remains horrible: "Conscripts continue to confront open-ended duration of service, far beyond the 18 months stipulated in law and often under abusive conditions, which may include the use of torture, sexual violence and forced labor". Despite the harsh reality in Eritrea, Israel continues to procrastinate, and in practice does not examine the asylum requests of Eritrean asylum seekers within its borders. While the recogntion rate of Eritrean refugees in most countries of the world at more than 80%, Israel has so far recognized only 11 asylum seekers from Eritrea as refugees. As such, we call for the examination and determination of the applications of asylum seekers from Eritrea; It's time! For the full article on the UN debate >>>

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