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Women's Day Attack

During the wonderful Women's Day celebration organized by EWCC and ARDC, a group of racist extremists, led by Shefi Paz, blocked the entrance with a loud and violent demonstration. Their intention was to sabotage the event. During the demonstration, Shefi Paz's supporters blocked a bystander and photographed her against her will. Tom Alon, who ARDC's Community Developer, was injured by them and required medical attention. Shefi Paz's followers chose to frighten and incite violence instead of celebrating women's empowerment, liberation, and the power of a community. The mothers were frightened, the injured children were examined by a paramedic, and the joy of this day was seized by pressure and anxiety. In spite of this tragic event, it important for us to say that we are still here, celebrating and dancing. Dark forces can incite and threaten, but our light can not be extinguished.

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