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Networking Through New Connections

Today, we had a very special morning: a breakfast where 30 leading professionals, representing successful companies, sat alongside 30 of the most talented figures from the refugee community: graduates, masters students, programmers and developers, accountants, activists, designers, artists, dreamers, and leaders.

The term ‘Refugee ’ or ‘asylum seeker’ does not define who a person is, nor is it their identity. Rather, it describes a life circumstance. Each day our organization sees the talent, skills, and motivation to learn amongst the asylum seeker community in Israel. Equally, however, we see the tremendous challenges of individuals who have fled persecution, oppressive military dictatorships, and war. We see a community who have taken dangerous journeys and have left their families behind, only to begin their lives again in Israel.

This morning united two worlds that would not otherwise have the opportunity to connect, in the first event of its kind in Israel. At ARDC, we work to open doors. We believe the asylum seeker community has a crucial role to play in both the social and economic fabric of Israel. Allowing this integration can fuel our economy, enrich our workplaces, and enable our community to live more dignified lives.

This morning provided a platform for connection and opened doors. We hope, and believe, that each guest left with something new: a new friend, a new idea, a new view, a new understanding.

We would like to thank again all of the amazing people and companies who helped to make this event possible, after weeks of hard work: WeWork for hosting us in their space, Jusa Cold Pressed, the wonderful Shira of Graze TLV for the beautiful and delicious food, Cafelix קפליקס for the coffee, our legal partners from HIAS Israel, the talented photographer Guy Nahum Lëvy, all our dedicated volunteers.

And of course, to Nina Rauch and Jennifer Goldenberg from 3030, who envisioned this event, and made it possible.

Together we can bridge the Gap!

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