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After crossing the dreadful border with Egypt, the first encounter asylum seekers had with Israel were the Israeli soldiers. We often hear very touching stories of soldiers who gave water, food, and sometimes even clothes and shoes to the frightened groups entering Israel. They were seeing their struggle from the very moment their journey through the Sinai ended and began in Israel. A few days ago we learned about a special story of such a connection. This happened when Rotem Mor message us looking to locate the Sudanese man who gave her a gift at the border. We are posting this in an attempt to help Rotem locate the Sudanese man who she met. Please help us share the message and reach as many eyes as possible. Here is the message Rotem sent us: "When I was in the army, I served on the Egyptian border... I greeted the refugees as they crossed the border... One of them gave me a necklace from his wife who remained in Sudan and said that this was the only memorabilia he had from her... but because I smiled and I was pleasant to him after four months in which no one treated him well or smiled at him on the journey from Sudan, he decided to give the necklace to me, through another soldier... This story goes with me from 2010 and does not let go... and the chain is still with me, safe and sound...Maybe with the picture of the chain I could find the man who made me cry and got me so excited... and thank him." If you know anything about this or who the Sudanese man may be, please contact us.

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