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A Springboard to Inspiring Futures

This summer, ARDC is engaging young people to become advocates within their own communities. The Springboard to the Future program encourages young adults to recognize their potential to create positive change. Through weekly meetings, participants are inspired to turn their educational and entrepreneurial dreams into achievable goals.

This week’s meeting marks the third in the series, focusing on startup success. In just two hours, we developed our own entrepreneurial ideas into realistic business plans. Our small groups also discussed cost structure, resources, and customer relationships. Finally, we presented our ideas and shared constructive criticism.

The workshop series is off to a strong start. As summer goes on, the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the pressing issues faced by communities outside of Tel Aviv by engaging in community outreach events. After engaging in sessions on photojournalism and discussing social media as a tool for activism, the group will participate in the planning and creation of their very own media campaign centered around community protection which will be featured on ARDC’s media pages. ARDC is looking forward to watching the program unfold, and is hopeful that the joint efforts with the young people of the asylum-seeking community will create remarkable, sustainable change for a better future.

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