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It is university application season here which means that it is “go-time” for the ARDC community. Our clients are busy gathering materials including official documents and recommendation letters, and working hard at compiling resumés and essays to submit to their chosen universities. All the while, their caseworkers are diligently focused on assisting throughout the entire application and enrollment process, and

remain dedicated to each client's success throughout the entire student experience.

Although this time of the year seems overwhelming and stressful, it is also an exciting and rewarding time of year where clients and their caseworkers can reap the rewards of all the steps that have been taken over time to reach this goal. Many of our clients have been working for years through the process of receiving their GEDs, taking various courses, and building their resumés in order to be accepted into a university program of their interest in a format that works for them, whether that means online or on a campus.

The ARDC team is extremely proud of all of the hard work from everyone involved in preparing for this eventful season. We are looking forward to celebrating the successes and the incredible impacts of the powerful opportunity of education.

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