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Higher Ed, Vocational Studies, and more: October 2017

PREP (Practical Refugee Education Program)

This month was an exciting time for our higher education students as they have begun their new school year.

Our vocational studies also began this month with students enrolled in a variety of different programs- cell phone repair, cooking and baking and car electrics. We are very excited and wish them the best of luck in their new endeavor.

The GED program completed the third section of social studies. The students are preparing for the exam and are excited to move on to math and science.

In the coming months we will be concentrating on job placements as part of our livelihoods program. We have already made contacts with employers such as Soda Stream and several car mechanics shops.

CLA (Community Leadership & Advocacy)

Our women’s leadership group is working on their final community project. In direct response to the women’s suggestions, ARDC staff is working on a mapping of women’s needs within the community.

We also had a successful sponsored campaign on Facebook that dealt with the racism aspect in the Israeli society and how it impact the African asylum seekers in Israel.

CORE (Community Outreach…)

This month, the community outreach team traveled to Petah Tikvah and conducted an information session for 47 community members! At the event, the community was informed on their legal rights, family reunification and higher education opportunities, and RSD information. Next month, the community outreach team will be traveling to Ashkelon for an event!

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