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CORE Mid-year

RSD - 130 asylum seekers have been trained or assisted on RSD. 89 people attended RSD events. 41 people were advised on RSD during reception. Those who attended reception hours and were counselled on filling RSD, their RSD was reviewed or edited prior to submitting, or they came with a rejection (either OHR or regular rejection) and their rejected RSD was reviewed, have been included in the reported output above. Many of the people trained were community leaders and will likely help other members of the community fill RSD. 24 of the 89 people at events were women.

Since the beginning of the year our community outreach team travelled to Ashdod, Ashkelon, Petach Tikva, Bnai Brak and had several events in Tel Aviv.

Relocation - 51 asylum seekers were personally advised on the family reunification process. In some cases, they were given individualized assistance by a volunteer lawyer. Individualized assistance might mean filling all or part of an application, coordinating with organizations abroad to assist with the family members, writing letters to embassies, general advice about the process, etc. Because each person has a different case (different country/different family relationship), a lot of this took place outside of the community outreach events. We know that several were successful in submitting an application. With the help of pro-bono lawyer and ARDC board member, Ian Jaffe, ARDC has aided community members seeking to reunite with family in the United States, Sweden, Belgium, and Finland

Telethon - The team also executed a successful telethon weekend event to inform those who received out of hand rejections to their asylum applications based on Clause 1 about the new procedure for reopening their cases. With the help of 15 volunteers from the community, information was disseminated to 973 asylum seekers with out of hand rejections!

At the end of the month, we released a sponsored informational video about out of hand rejections, which has been viewed over 40,000 times and been shared more than 450 times.

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