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CLA: Leading in May

This month we celebrated with 9 Sudanese Darfuri women as they graduated from our Women's Leadership and Empowerment course after 3 months of weekly meetings. Coursework revolved around advancing leadership skills as well as business development, allowing the women to expand their efforts further into their communities. They plan to combine developed skills with their prior experience and passion for traditional art to begin their own initiative.

We celebrated with a certificate ceremony, African music ,and dancing. We wish them the best of luck and will continue to support them in their endeavor.

Our advocacy team met with 40 pre -military (michina kdam tzvait), young Israelis for a tour and information session about asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, where they had a chance to learn about life in south Tel Aviv, hear from an asylum seekers personal experience, and visit our agriculture rooftop and a community garden.

We held an event titled ‘Understanding Asylum Seekers’ at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation for 40 attendees- students form IDC and asylum seekers. They watched a film and participated in a workshop. The event was a great success, with requests for similar events in the near future.

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