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Women as Change-Makers

#BeBoldForChange: On Monday, ARDC held its first women's leadership class. While ARDC has held leadership courses in the past for asylum seekers, this is the first course to specifically target women. The course will teach them the skills needed to better advocate for themselves, their families and their community. We're excited to work with this inspiring group of women throughout the 3-month course and after!

International Women's Day is on March 8, and ARDC is already working toward change. Women may be minority of asylum seekers in Israel, but they are deeply connected to the struggle for rights through their own lives and those of their families. In 2017, ARDC will hold two women's leadership courses focused on developing projects to help the community. We are also expanding our education program to attract more women with outreach, scholarships, women-only vocational courses and workshops.

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