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Medal of Devotion

On January 23, the Board awarded two former ARDC team members with a Certificate of Service and Medal of Devotion in acknowledgement of the substantial achievements they made during their employment at ARDC. Mutasim Ali served twice as ARDC's Director, from 2013-2014 before he was sent to the Holot Detention Center and again from 2015-2016 after being released. His tireless activism for the asylum seeker community has helped shape the debate in Israel and challenge the government's incitement. In June, he became the first recognized Sudanese refugee in Israel and in September transitioned to ARDC's Board. Emily Primack started at ARDC as a volunteer teacher, before moving into the role of Education Manager. She rebuilt the program with an emphasis on giving asylum seekers professional skills through access to higher education and vocational programs. Now the education program is ARDC's largest.

Left Photo: Director Ori Lahat, Mutasim Ali, Chairman Osman Ali Right Photo: Mutasim Ali, Emily Primack, Osman Ali

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