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Tragic deaths show a difficult truth

The community was shocked and in mourning over two recent deaths that seemed to affirm their biggest fears. On November 14, Darfuri asylum seeker Babikir Adham-Uvdo was beaten to death by two Israeli teenagers in Petah Tikvah after he allegedly spoke to a group of young women. The two teenagers have been indicted for manslaughter and not murder. This is despite the fact that they brutally attacked Babikir for almost 75 minutes while he was incapacitated and were witnessed by at least five people. Read more here and here. In another tragic story.. On November 21, Muhamad Ahmed left Israel under the voluntary return procedure, wherein asylum seekers are coerced into leaving despite the danger of their return. This "voluntary deportation" resulted in detainment in his native Sudan, an enemy state of Israel. The very next day, his family received news that Muhamad had died. The Sudanese authorities claimed that he jumped from a window during the interrogation, but many believe he was killed. Read the story in Hebrew. Why aren't more people are talking about these tragic and unnecessary deaths?

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