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Every month, members of ARDC Community Engagement team travel to cities around Israel in order to meet and engage with asylum seekers who are not able to easily access our community center in Tel Aviv.

During these monthly visits, we work with different communities and inform them about available educational opportunities in their area. We also detect legal problems and map their needs and wishes in order to be able to find new solutions and to start new programs, based on the ever-changing 

needs of the community.

Through our one on one communication with asylum seekers from all around Israel, our higher education caseworkers also collect information and monitor the emerging needs of Israel’s refugee community.

In addition to the monthly visits, ARDC  holds reception hours where community members are invited to come, receive help and learn more about resources available. We are open every Sunday from 9-4 and Wednesday from 11-6. 


Know Your Rights session for asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, Israel
legal rights outreach in Ashdod, Israel

In the first half of 2019, our ARDC team visited many cities, including Haifa, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Netanya, and Petah Tikva. Through these site visits, we were able to engage over a hundred community members! Exact figures:








Petah Tikva



Facts and Figures


Rights Empowerment

The goal of ARDC's paralegal project is to acknowledge asylum seekers and refugees about their rights, and to fight harmful and unfair policies, which violate international law. The team works both in Tel Aviv and in periphery areas, adapts to the changes in the Israeli policy and advises asylum seekers with status problems. 

From 2014 to 2016, ARDC assisted more than 2,100 people with asylum applications, family reunification, relocation, visa issues, deportation orders, and legal referrals.  

Family Reunification Guidance

WhyWhen fleeing to safety, many refugees are tragically separated from their families. Though human rights law upholds the importance of family, the sad reality is that many refugees spend years separated from their loved ones. A major reason is that the process of family reunification is long and complicated. Since 2009, ARDC has assisted hundreds of families in this process.


How:  Guidance on family reunification, assistance with contacting other Israeli and international organisations, help with forms,


Continued Need: No other organization currently offers this assistance, though the need is still high. ARDC is looking to expand this program.

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