Why: Within Israeli society, there is little knowledge and understanding of the issues facing asylum seekers and their rights. The Israeli public is largely misinformed, gathering most of their information from poor media coverage. The asylum seeking community became a highly politicized topic, with politicians inciting against the community in order to promote themselves. Most Israelis never got to know asylum seekers face to face, and the community's actual achievements and difficulties remain unknown.

What: Both negative and positive portrayals of asylum seekers usually show them as weak and vulnerable, in order to convince people that they are a burden or that they need our help. Naturally, difficulties play a major role in the the lives of asylum seekers in Israel, but it is only a small part of the picture. In our advocacy team, we aim to highlight the great talents in the community, the educational and artistic achievements of individuals and groups, and to share the strength and the beauty that the asylum seekers spread every day.

How: We pursue advocacy through operating pages on different social media platforms, interviewing on Israeli and international press, organizing and joining targeted campaigns toward Israelis, and giving tours and lectures.

The goal of our advocacy team is to generate change in public opinion and policy toward African asylum seekers in Israel by engaging in advocacy and awareness-raising activities.

          Raising Awareness      

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The tours, that can be conducted in a variety of languages, usually focus on few of the following topics: the life of the asylum seeker community in Israel, south Tel-Aviv, the Refugee Convention, legal status and policy changes, our educational work and the situation in the home countries of the refugees.

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