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Cookin' Up Change in December

In our Practical Refugee Education Program (PREP), the Cooking and Baking class is ending with a graduation ceremony, followed by a special dinner prepared by the students. Ten proud students are graduating from the course, and are excited to test their new skills in the workforce. Congratulations to the course graduates!

This December we have been working on opening 2 new educational opportunities for the refugee community. Next month will see the open of an IT course taught by a former ARDC student, David Emmanuel, followed by a coding course in collaboration with Coders for Social Change.

Our Community Leadership and Advocacy (CLA) had a busy agenda this December. This past month we met a number of groups from both Israel and abroad who came to learn about the current situation of asylum seekers in Israel. The groups toured South Tel Aviv, and engaged in debate surrounding these issues.

Also, Tesfu, our community organizer, participated in a panel of students in Tel Aviv University that discussed how students can assist in stopping the deportation of African asylum seekers.

This month, the Community Outreach (CORE) team traveled to Eilat for a two-night information session series for more than 300 community members! At the event, the community was given RSD information, and informed of their legal rights. Looking to 2018, the Community Outreach team is excited to welcome Sumia Omar as the new manager of community outreach activities!

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