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African Refugee Development Center

The African Refugee Development Center is a grassroots, community-based nonprofit organization that was founded in 2004 by African asylum-seekers and Israeli citizens in order to protect, assist, and empower African refugees and asylum-seekers in Israel. ARDC began its work as a humanitarian aid organization, and over time has adapted to fit community needs. Currently, ARDC works to address gaps in services created by harsh governmental policies in 4 key sectors: education, livelihoods, advocacy, and rights empowerment. To date, ARDC has served over 15,000 asylum-seekers from a number of countries and operates various educational programs seeking to deepen the social and economic inclusion of asylum-seekers throughout Israel.

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We empower

Our Programs

Higher Education &
Economic Inclusion
The goal of ARDC's educational program is to enable African asylum seekers and refugees in Israel to develop professionally, educationally ,personally and be  able to access economic opportunities.  

ALEF grew out of a small volunteer community initiative, in response to the lack of refugee services in the north, and aims to connect these peripheries to the broader network of refugee services and organizations throughout the region.
Schoolhouse Program
The Schoolhouse is a diverse community committed to advancing social justice and access to education.
Community Life
The ARDC conducts and participates in a variety of events, workshops, activities, and programs aimed at enriching and developing the life and culture of the Asylum Seeker community in Israel.


I believe we all have a duty as people to help our community. We are not in this world to be on our own.

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IT Professional & Web Designer

My dream is to build one of the more successful sports media companies in Israel



Customer Support @ Rewire

To empower this community we need to come together and programs like this are what's helping that process.

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Former ARDC's coding course teaching assistant

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Hatsfira 18, Tel Aviv, Israel 

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