ALEF is a Haifa-based civil society initiative under ARDC in Tel Aviv working with the African refugee communities of northern Israel.  ALEF grew out of a small volunteer community initiative, in response to the lack of refugee services in the north, and aims to connect these peripheries to the broader network of refugee services and organizations throughout the region.

Our programs with ARDC include:

  • Children’s learning - zoom tutoring with tablets and tutors provided by ALEF, with volunteer tutors.  There is some increasing communication between our tutors and the teachers or the children at school to work more closely to cover the gaps in learning. 

  • Women’s Empowerment Group - once-a-week meetings for a group of women led by a Tigray-speaking social worker from out of Haifa, under the guidance of Naomi Feigin. 

  • Adult’s learning - Hebrew and English group lessons run by volunteers and in partnership with the SchoolHouse from Tel Aviv.  The goal is language learning for adults to increase employment opportunities and general skills for life in Israel. 

  • Liaison services/Rights advocacy - the main wing for connecting cases and clients to services such as other non-profit organizations, municipal services, or otherwise.  More often than not this involves advocating and pushing public services to give those services to asylum seekers, as well.  Often this doesn’t happen because of miscommunication, ignorance, and language barriers. 

  • Basic needs assistance - for higher risk cases such as single-parent families, or families with extreme financial stress ALEF offers occasional assistance in the form of food or cash assistance.  This is however an emergency measure left since Covid, and not a sustainable practice for ALEF in the long-run. The needs of these communities are too vast for a private nonprofit organization such as ALEF to cover on its own. 

  • Art Therapy for 7 children in conjunction with Michlelet Tel Chai.