The Refugees' Rights Forum


ARDC is an active member and founder of the Refugees' Rights Forum which consists of the eight human rights organizations listed below who share our objective to promote the rights of refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. The aim of the Forum is to lobby before key decision-makers in government for legislation implementing the international obligations Israel committed to when signing the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Amnesty International
ASSAF - Aid to Refugees and Asylum Seekers
Hotline For Migrant Workers
Israel Religious Action Center - Israel
Movement for Progressive Judaism
Kav LaOved (Worker's Hotline)
Physicians for Human Rights

In July 2009, the Hadera-Gadera policy was abandoned as a result of heavy lobbying by the Refugees’ Rights Forum. The Tel Aviv district is home to a significant proportion of refugee and asylum seeker community, however, it has not always been a place of safe refuge. In response to the sharp influx of asylum seekers from Africa, former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert devised the ‘Hadera-Gadera’ policy to prohibit refugees and asylum seekers from living or working in central Israel. However, education and job opportunities for asylum seekers are poor outside Tel Aviv and the only access that they have to medical services and support are those provided by human rights organizations based in Tel Aviv, such as ourselves and the Physicians for Human Rights. In mid-2009, Operation Oz began to enforce the Hadera-Gedera policy resulting in waves of asylum seekers being arrested and detained. However, in July 2009, as a result of intensive lobbying in co-operation with other human rights organizations, the ARDC persuaded the Israeli government to abandon the policy.

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