Mission and goals

The mission of the African Refugee Development Center is to protect and empower refugees and asylum seekers in Israel. The ARDC seeks to ensure access to basic social services, and to facilitate refugee and asylum seeker integration, self-sufficiency and ownership in matters affecting their lives.



  • To establish a fair asylum policy, by promoting a fair, transparent and comprehensive asylum policy in Israel;
  • To promote self-sufficiency, by assisting refugees and asylum-seekers in their quest to achieve a safe and dignified life as self-reliant and self-sufficient members of society;
  • To achieve full refugee and asylum seeker participation, by involving refugees and asylum seekers in program decision-making and organizational strategy in order to promote a sense of responsibility and investment;
  • To strengthen social networks and community partnerships, by promoting partnership with a variety of regional and national institutions and organizations so as to provide strong service and support networks;
  • To facilitate integration, by promoting social coherence and strengthen the bonds between the refugee and asylum seeker community and the Israeli community;
  • To access social services and the labor market, by facilitating the social and economic inclusion of refugees and asylum seekers in health care, the labor market and the educational system;
  • To promote educational opportunities by empowering local refugee and asylum seeker communities through the provision of educational and vocational training and community development programs.